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Mia's a cute little Jack Russell Terrier/Papillon mix. She's affectionate to the extreme.

She plays chase with Prissy, who often initiates the game. She's good friends with Tessa also. Roxanne bullies Mia so although Mia accepts Roxanne as part of the family, it's more of a tolerance than a real friendship.

Mia travels well. She loves to meet new people. Did I mention Mia is affectionate? Needy is perhaps a better term. There are times when I believe Mia would crawl inside my wife Sandra and embed herself inside her skin, when she presses herself up against Sandra, looks longingly in Sandra's eyes, and begs insatiably for more affection.

She is cute though.

A brave heart, too. If she feels there is an intruder that must be warned away, no matter the size or species, she is ready to tell them their place in terms both authoritative and strict. She is not a noisy dog, except when it comes to those in need of instruction. She has no fear.

She also is very territorial when it comes to food. Even if she has no interest in eating something, she will guard it for hours, growling at any who dare to come near. I'm sure there is some parable here. How do you make a poor man miserable? Give them riches that they cannot sell or use but must guard day and night.