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I have a daughter named Jenesta Nettles who teaches biology at Timberview High School in Mansfield, Texas. She believes that good science requires enthusiasm, an inquiring mind and critical thinking. She has the wonderful ability to transmit those qualities to her students. When her students win Nobel Prizes I'll remember those days I showed Jenesta and Kip all the interesting critters that inhabit green pond scum.

I have a son named Kip Nettles who teaches writing at Creek Valley Middle School in Carrollton, Texas. He believes that there is no one pathway to great writing, but that at the very least it involves reading a lot and writing a lot. When his students win Pulitzer Prizes I'll remember reading Lord of the Rings to Kip and Jenesta.

When I talk to both of my kids, I hear a lot that pleases me. I think they are doing important work for helping the next generation gain wisdom, enthusiasm, a lifelong love of learning, kindness and fairness towards others, all important memes for this world to survive and thrive.