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I don't really know where I'm from. My dad was in the Air Force so I grew up all over—Illinois, the Azores, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Guam, Alabama, Illinois again and Idaho. I spent a year at Cal Tech, got burnt out, took a semester off, then finished a B. S. in Computer Science and a B. S in Mathematics at the University of Idaho. I was the first student to graduate from the University of Idaho with a B. S. in Computer Science.

One of the little jokes I tell people is I invented computer 3D graphics. When I was about seven while at summer camp I took a class in drawing and learned a little about perspective. Later, in the early 70's at the University of Idaho in one of my programming classes I was playing around with the CalComp plotter and realized that if I drew lines a certain way I could make a 2D representation of a 3D object. I played around with it a little bit and dropped it. Ha! Of course at the same time there were people at MIT and I think Brigham Young who were approaching the problem much more seriously and it's those people and others we have to thank today for 3D graphics, not some kid who couldn't stick with anything.

In the late 90's and early 00's I completed a M. S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. This degree allowed me to delve into evolutionary psychology, something I've long had an interest in.

I'm a nerd. Proud of it. I'm into OO, Java, C++ and Extreme Programming. I'm also a father. Proud of that also. I'm the business director of Deer Valley Counseling, which I own in partnership with my wife, Sandra Nettles.