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These are the ramblings of an old man driving mad by the Arizona desert.

This old world we live in concerns me.

War, hunger, disease, hate, cruelty, lies, loneliness, death—all the old problems persist, even as we try to laugh them away. Yet the good persists too and grows—beauty, truth, kindness, love, plenty, health, art, contentment, excitement, music, joy, peace.

We fear the marauder that comes over the hill, the cave bear that lurks in the darkness, the sickness that leaves us weak, the loneliness that leaves us vulnerable. But we stand and fight the hordes, we light a fire, we nurse our weak, we band together. And we laugh, cry, jear, taunt the darkness. Come and get us if you dare! And sometimes the darkness comes and gets us. And sometimes it doesn't, at least for a while.

This, as a sentient being, is the ultimate battle, the struggle that gives meaning. Good triumphing over evil. Don't laugh. We like it because it touches something deep inside ourselves and we laugh and make fun of it because that other part lives there too.

In a way, everything I write on this site has to do with this search for the good in life, in circles that start with a little circle within myself and grow to circles big enough encompass the world, maybe someday the universe. Inside myself is a little circle that contains a flame of good. Sometimes I don't notice it, but it's there and I feed it so it grows. In the circle that contains my family is a good flame and I try to grow that. Next is mine and my wife's work and our friends. Next out is the world.

Read on and see these circles.